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Your support can keep The Yarrow a home for life.

Nestled in southern Alberta, where the Rockies meet the Prairies, lies The Yarrow. This beautiful and varied landscape provides habitat to over 100 wildlife species and supports our planet’s air, water and food security. It’s a home for life.

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Why The Yarrow?

These magnificent lands along the Waterton Park Front form an important ecosystem for life: from grassland songbirds to roaming elk and native plants, numerous species have relied on The Yarrow’s pristine habitat to thrive for centuries.

Of the 100+ wildlife species that call The Yarrow home, 27 are considered vulnerable or at-risk. Without The Yarrow, we risk disrupting the important headwaters of Alberta, as well as the ecosystem services benefitting our air and water quality, the nutrients in the soil and our food supply.

By protecting The Yarrow, you are ensuring that this unique landscape will not only support the species living there, but also our health, the wellbeing of Alberta’s headwaters, the security of food production and the protection of nature for future generations.